GAIA was born from my water series...

A series focusing on the feminine connection to water, and touching on issues of female identity, physicality, and connection. 

The absence of clothing, jewelry, or any cultural signifier allows the imagery to focus on the body and the beauty of its form and biology, unrestricted by cultural limitations and/or pressures.

The depiction of the feminine relationship to water, both biologically as well as symbolically, allows for the female form to invoke images of deep, carnal connection. 

The series GAIA arises from it's mythological roots as the Earth Mother.

In the context of this series, GAIA is about re-contextualizing the female form as it relates to contemporary feminine identity.

The series stems from women's relationships to their bodies, and their ability to inhabit them as whole vessels of empowerment. 

The imagery derived from my photography integrates stories encompassing all aspects of femininity; different bodies, shapes, scars, and physical stories from life.

The process of meeting and photographing different women is integral to the series, as it is an ongoing story of the similarities and struggles women experience in how they relate to their bodies..