My work is about how we relate to our bodies on an uninhibited, biological level. 

My childhood, and my experiences and fascination with light, nature, and water deeply affect a need to reflect a natural sensitivity.

In my most recent series, I have focused on women and water. Water and light move through these images, blurring the separation between body and nature.  This ambiguity allows for a deep connection to our senses, and an awareness of our bodies beyond superficiality.

I am profoundly drawn to the organic nature of oil paint; the way it bleeds, glows, moves, and exists. It is an incredible medium to describe such instinctive imagery. I am equally drawn to its imperfections, and its simultaneous ability to exist as both a painted gesture or mark, as well as a palpable experience or memory.

I specifically have chosen to work with images of females as a way of exploring the relationships we have with our bodies, and the necessity of considering what femininity means in relationship to our bodies, beyond exterior idealism. 

Water holds us entirely in peace and allows us to return to an intimacy with our bodies. Moving from the vulnerability of relinquishing control of our image in water, there is a redirection towards of consciousness regarding physicality, biology, and mortality. It is within this universality that the restrictive idealism of "femininity" can disintegrate. In its place is strength in the inclusivity of all aspects of life, unrestricted to conventional gender association.

By avoiding the inclusion of cultural signifiers and clothing, the primal relationship between body and nature surfaces. Connecting with our bodies with a deeply physical awareness allows us to acknowledge all aspects of our physicality; our scars, our sickness, our health, and our beauty. These often disparate factors become unified in life force, which feeds empowerment.